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I have a keen interest in everything related to technology and software. As an ERP
consultant in corporate environments for 20 years streamlining business and administrative processes, I have learned the importance of working smart and creating structures. I have served clients from various industries and regions across Africa and The Middle East. My main motivation is to train, develop, and inspire people, and my strengths are organizing and structuring things.

To maintain my sanity I volunteer my skills in Economics and Accounting as a tutor for children at an orphanage and I care deeply about protecting the environment.

I am passionate about biblical entrepreneurship as a powerful tool to create a positive social impact. I believe that microeconomics is the key to reducing unemployment and needs more attention. My goal is to demonstrate the value of entrepreneurship and the benefits of small businesses for the community.


We value hospitality and respect above all else. We treat our customers with kindness and appreciation. We act with honesty, integrity, and dignity in all our endeavors. We are responsible and open in our management of resources. We serve with dedication and passion and provide exceptional service and quality. We fulfill our obligations on schedule, without fail. We always do more than expected and are brave enough to do the right thing first and foremost. 

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